Memories That Never Fade: The Award-Winning Tattoo Studio in Kendall

Make your memories vivid. Make them powerful. Make your memories last a lifetime. At Inkaholik, the award-winning tattoo shop Miami, it is our goal to make your memories come to life. The best color realism artists in the state of Florida have come to Inkaholik prepared to put any design into ink. Let your mind run wild as you explore the countless tattoo services our tattoo studio has to offer, including black/grey realism, blackwork, watercolor, tribal, cover-ups, sleeves, simple, neo & traditional, Japanese tattoos, couples, and lettering. Just like there is no dream too big, there is also no design too hard to create. We know your inner passion and our artist’s passion for art will fuse together, producing tattoos that are unique and beautiful.

Since everyone has their own memories, dreams, and passions, we realize that everyone also has their own way of expressing themselves as well. This is why we also have a wide variety of body piercing services available. Ear piercing, naval piercings, eyebrow piercing, and nipple piercing, are a few of our service options. In order to make your piercing experience even more comfortable, we would like you to know that you are placed in the best hands. All of our body piercing artists at tattoo Miami are certified by the State of Florida, making sure that your piercings turn out healthy and precise every time.


We are the best at what we do, we ink life-lasting memories.

With three state of the art locations in Miami and the best artists in the industry your body artwork will be what you expected and more. We invite you to any of our locations and stay up to date with all our promotions and event by following us on social media. Our body piercing artists are certified by the State of Florida so you will be in good hands.

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